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Coaching comes full circle for volunteer Rose Appo

Long-time Hornby Netball Club supporter Rose Appo believes it takes a village of women supporting women to help “empower” the next generation coming through – including those on a netball court.

 What started as a stint on the side-lines as a “stats lady” for her niece’s Hornby club team has developed into a host of voluntary roles including coaching, managing, and acting as parent support.

But there has always been the strong desire to see other women and girls grow on the netball court.

And she has Hornby Club President Lynlea Willan to thank for helping her fulfil those goals.

“Any small contribution I have made has been possible due to the ongoing support and tireless work of Lynlea,” she said.  “She is the President and champion extraordinaire of young girls and women – often from challenging home lives.

“It takes a village of women supporting women and empowering each other to raise other young women to be strong powerful members of society.”

Appo has now been a part of the Hornby Netball Club for 11 years, first becoming involved in 2009 when she was called on to take statistics for her niece’s team.

Since then, she has helped her sister coach age-group teams through to 2012, returning to the club in 2016 to coach her own daughter.

She went on to co-coach the senior C side with Willan and the duo are now guiding the Hornby Netball Club’s senior A team.

Appo, who has also been a member of her local primary school’s PTA and turns up every year to help at club trials, takes time during the off-season to guide teams in summer leagues with the aim of building relationships and attracting players to the club.

She said she continued to give her time to the club because she also benefitted from her roles through friendships and the excitement of seeing others grow with confidence both on and off court.

“Two of my best friends, Ming and Sue, became my friends because I coached their daughters – one over 10 years ago and the other four years ago,” she said.

“The ongoing privilege of being part of their lives and their daughters’ lives is such a gift.”

Appo said it was also enriching to see players who she has guided go on to give back to the club in the form of coaching as well.

“The little moments, when a girl I’ve coached is coaching her own team and I go to support her and hear her saying what I said to her, her enthusiasm and dedication and how her team loves her – it’s full circle.

“It’s great to see young girls develop their skills and more importantly their growth as young women who recognise their strengths, who believe in themselves and each other.

“They have confidence and know their own worth and to take that empowerment to all areas of their life – it’s something I love seeing.”

If you think you might like to volunteer, you can register your interest here to be connected to your local Netball Centre.

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