Netball New Zealand is pleased to announce the umpires who will officiate during the 2018 ANZ Premiership and Beko Netball League.

14 umpires have been named in the National Umpire Squad, with a number of fresh faces bringing a renewed sense of enthusiasm to the programme as Netball enters an exciting, new era in New Zealand.

2018 National Umpire Squad

Angela Armstrong-Lush (Netball Central)

Jono Bredin (Netball South)

Myron Elkington (Netball Northern)

Gracey Farquharson (Netball South)

Tania Fink (Netball Waikato/Bay of Plenty)

Gareth Fowler (Netball Central)

Ann Hay (Netball Central)

Jess Lea (Netball Central)

Danielle Maulder (Netball South)

Sasha McLeod (Netball South)

Ken Metekingi (Netball Central)

Zak Middleton (Netball Northern)

Lisa McPhail (Netball Northern)

Cory Nicholls (Netball Northern)

Kristie Simpson (Netball South)

Marise Stuart (Netball Northern)