Ko wai a Poitarawhiti NZ

Netball New Zealand, Netball's national sporting organisation, has the responsibility for leading the development of the sport throughout New Zealand. Netball has a proud tradition of widespread participation and sporting excellence from grassroots Netball through to the Silver Ferns.

Through its role of developing and managing national programmes for participation, coaches, umpires and officials, Netball New Zealand aims for Netball to continue to be the sport of first choice for New Zealanders.

Netball New Zealand works hard to support Netball's five Zones and 83 Netball Centres who deliver the game to its over 140,000 registered members and 300,000 plus people who participate in the game annually, in New Zealand.

With a high profile, strong viewership and love for the game in New Zealand, Netball New Zealand's events and competitions provide the opportunities for kiwi's to connect with the game.

Netball continues to be embraced by a wide cross-section of New Zealand society, both urban and rural, children and adults. Although played predominately by women and girls, men’s Netball is also growing in stature.

It’s one of the few sports to engage all cultures, making it a key contributor to the well-being of these groups in our communities.

The growth of Netball worldwide is also a reflection of New Zealand’s dedication to helping develop the strength of the sport outside our borders, and a determination to see Netball succeed around the globe.