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Service Awards

Nineteen of New Zealand’s most dedicated contributors to the game of Netball have been honoured at the 2017 Netball New Zealand AGM, receiving a Netball New Zealand Service Award. It’s a prestigious award which recognises an individual who has made a significant contribution to the game of Netball that has enhanced the game at local level, regionally, nationally and/or internationally.

2017 NNZ Service Award Recipients

  • Adrienne Ensor - Dunedin Netball
  • Lorraine Tapp - Dunedin Netball
  • Irene Takao - Gisborne Netball Centre
  • Nina Smith - Howick Pakuranga Netball Centre
  • Barbara Reid - Mid Canterbury Netball
  • Rosemary Adlam - Mid Canterbury Netball
  • Karla Newlands - Mid Canterbury Netball
  • Fatulatetele Tolo - Netball Wellington Centre
  • Sally Paki Paki - Nelson Netball Centre
  • David Pala’amo - Christchurch Netball Centre
  • Lee Piper - Netball South
  • Julie Seymour - Netball New Zealand
  • Sharon Kearney - Netball New Zealand
  • Beverley Douglas - Netball New Zealand
  • Raewyn Lovett - Netball New Zealand
  • Shirley Hooper - Netball New Zealand
  • Debbie Hodges - Netball New Zealand
  • Dr Lesley Rumball - Netball New Zealand
  • Kerry Manders - Netball New Zealand

To be considered for a NNZ Service Award all recipients must have received a service award and/or life membership award in their Regional Entity and/or Centre. The Board of NNZ can also nominate someone in recognition of their service at a national and/or international level.

All nominations were carefully considered and awarded based on the level at which the contribution was made, the length of time and the quality of the contribution.

Congratulations to all recipients.