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Taurua relishes opportunity to attend HP Coaches Forum

Noeline Taurua relished the opportunity to return to New Zealand and be part of the High Performance Coaches Forum on the weekend.

She joined a who’s who at the Forum – some of the best coaching minds not just in New Zealand but in international Netball.

The room included seven Silver Ferns coaches, ANZ Premiership and Beko Netball League coaches, as well as Performances Managers from across the five Zones and umpiring representatives.

Taurua said she was honoured to be invited to attend the Conference, and enjoyed linking up with coaches she’s played under, played with or against.

“There are legends and icons of the game who have so much information, who have been there, done that. For all of us to be in the same room and have the ability to share information is huge,” Taurua said.

“It’s quite refreshing with all the current ANZ Premiership and Beko Netball League coaches; you’ve got the new blood coming through – wide eyed and bushy tailed and really excited with so much energy to move it forward. It’s fantastic that they can bring the family of coaches together - that’s what a great foundation is built about upon.

“The opportunities that exist for me to come back, rekindle the relationships and have a yarn about the good ‘ole days – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. Being able to contribute and share the information I’ve learnt over the ditch – it’s a cool opportunity and I’ve loved being back home.”

Taurua, Silver Fern number 108, and a premiership-winning coach on both sides of the Tasman, shared insights on the Sunshine Coast Lightning’s win and contributed to discussions about the future direction of Netball in New Zealand.

“I’ve always known how good New Zealand is, how good New Zealand players and coaches are. Yes, we don’t have many resources but we’re quite smart; we’ve got a diverse way and a different way of looking at things and putting that into action,” she said.

“Thinking about gut and intuition; that’s how I’ve always been and that hasn’t changed, but what I’ve loved working with Melbourne Storm and the University is they have a strong science and academic background.

“I love to learn words and systems that back up what I know as a coach, the ability to shake things up and challenge myself.

“I’ve learnt a lot in terms of how the NRL do their thing and try to piggy-back off their stuff and see how I can introduce that into Netball and into the Lightning’s programme.”

Taurua also touched on the NZU21s recent victory at Netball World Youth Cup Gaborone 2017.

“It’s a massive result, so fantastic to go back-to-back,” Taurua said.

“It’s so exciting that once again New Zealand players and the development done at ANZ Premiership level and below is starting to show at the international level.”