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School leavers encouraged stay in touch in 2018

Moving out of home, starting tertiary education or making the move into the workplace – leaving school can be full of challenges but NNZ want to make sure that continuing to play Netball isn’t one of them.

For students who are looking to make the transition from school to club netball a list of contacts at each of Netball New Zealand’s five Zones has been provided for school leavers.

Regardless of whether you are leaving home or staying in your home town, players are encouraged to make contact with their local Community Netball Managers to get information and guidance on making the transition.

For athletes who are looking to play Beko Netball League in 2018 they will need to make contact with their local Performance Manager quickly as performance programmes will be closing soon.


Performance Manager

Community Manager


Tia Winikerei

Anita Coy-Macken

Waikato Bay of Plenty

Debbie Fuller

Ruth Aitken

Alison Wieringa


Pelesa Semu

Stuart Savage


Jen Hooper

Tammy Mehrtens


Reinga Bloxham

Jo Ward