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NetballSmart Power Warm-Up to feature at U17 Champs

Although all eyes will be fixed to the on-court action during the Netball NZ U17 Champs next week, the teams will be more focussed than ever on their warm-ups.

The U17 players will be encouraged to do the official NetballSmart Power Warm-Up – an eight exercise sequence that takes just five minutes and can be done in a smaller space.

The exercises in the Power Warm-Up are taken from the NetballSmart Dynamic Warm-Up which is proven to decrease lower limb injuries by 60 per cent if done 2-3 times per week.

The warm-up is one of many NetballSmart initiatives expected to improve performance and make a difference to the sport’s injury rate in the long term.

“Netball has a high rate of lower-limb injuries and we know that if you warm-up correctly, your performance will be better and your injury risk reduces,” said NetballSmart programme manager Sharon Kearney.

“During a tournament the workload is high, so it’s really important players are doing everything required to get their body prepared for that next game.”

“The exercises involve squatting, running and jumping – they have been chosen because they help a player improve the specific movements required during a game of Netball.”

Kearney says the Power Warm-Up has also been designed so that you don’t need lots of court space.

“We know courts can get really crowded and we don’t want space to be a barrier to warming-up well. These exercises can all be done on the spot which makes it really doable in a tournament environment,” says Kearney.

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