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Netball Central announces Beko Netball League team

2016 runners-up Netball Central have named eleven players and three coaching staff ahead of the 2017 Beko Netball League.

Five training partners have also been appointed, all of whom will have the opportunity to take the court when the competition gets away later this month.

Netball Central squad for 2017 Beko Netball League:

Eseta Autagavaia (Manawatu)

Rhiarna Ferris (Manawatu)

Jermaine Howard-Vallance (Wellington)

Renee Matoe (Manawatu)

Kelsey McPhee (Hawke’s Bay)

Kimiora Poi + (Hawke’s Bay/Wellington)

Ainsleyana Puleiata*+ (Wellington)

Mila Reuelu-Buchanan + (Wellington)

Renee Savaiinaea*+ (Wellington)

Danielle Tafili* (Wellington)

Tori Watt (Wellington)

Netball Central training partners include Antonia HeiHei* (Manawatu), Layce Walker, (Manawatu), Marcelle Parkes (Wellington), Monalisa Groom (Wellington) and Renee TeRiini (Manawatu).

The squad of 16 will be led by head coach Natalie Milicich, assistant coach Anna Andrews-Tasola and manager Kelly Herbert.

Ahead of the competition-opener on March 25, Netball Central will have a pre-season outing in Auckland against Northern Marvels, new-team Northern Comets and Netball WBOP.

*Secondary school players subject to approval from Netball New Zealand

+ NZU21 squad members