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Jens Hansen: official jeweller and trophy maker of Super Club

Fire and metal: Jens Hansen’s award-winning master craftsman Zane Colegate working on the Super Club trophy. Image: Supplied

Netball New Zealand has partnered with Jens Hansen as the official jeweller of the inaugural Super Club, commissioning the Nelson jewellery workshop to make the winner’s trophy.

Halfdan Hansen from Jens Hansen says his team are rapt that Super Club is launching in their home town and that they were given the opportunity to handcraft the first ever trophy.

“Over the years, we have made a number of significant national and international trophies on commission, such as rugby’s Air New Zealand Cup and Super Rugby Trophy and locally the cup for the annual Classic Boat Show,” Hansen says. “This one is particularly special as it is our first netball trophy and it will be the centre piece for a brand new international competition.

“Netball New Zealand gave us a clear direction about their vision for the trophy but were also keen for us to put our own ‘Jens Hansen’ mark on it,” he says. “The design reflects both the sport of netball and who we are as Jens Hansen designers and makers. We don’t want to give too much away yet, but it is going to be really cool.”

Netball New Zealand Chief Executive Jennie Wyllie says, as Nelson’s internationally recognised jeweller, the Jens Hansen workshop was the obvious choice to make the trophy.

“Once we confirmed that Nelson would play host to Super Club we felt it was important to work with businesses that showcase the best that Nelson has to offer, such as Jens Hansen for design and jewellery,” Wyllie says. “We love the Jens Hansen style and the final design they have presented to us. We have had some exciting sneak peeks throughout the process, and look forward to the big reveal ahead of day one of competition on July 2.”

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