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Get involved with the Mother Earth futureFERNS Friday Challenge!

With the Mother Earth futureFERNS season starting, we wanted to share in the celebrations and launch the Mother Earth futureFERNS Friday Challenges.

Mother Earth futureFERNS will be able to practice their skills that they have learnt on the court and also have an “off court” resource to share with their families.

We hope that these challenges will encourage our Mother Earth futureFERNS’s families to get involved with our Mother Earth futureFERNS and have the chance to go in the draw to win some great prizes from Mother Earth.

The weekly challenges run for ten weeks on the Netball New Zealand Facebook page starting tomorrow.

The aim of these challenges will be to increase awareness around what Mother Earth futureFERNS are learning each week and get the whole family involved.

Alysha Jensen, Netball New Zealand National Programmes Manager said “We’re excited to have our Mother Earth futureFERNS back on court this week and we wanted to create a fun, interactive off court activity that our Mother Earth futureFERNS can use as a way to share what they’ve learnt.”

“Practicing your Netball skills can be fun to do at home with your family and helps you remember what you learnt at trainings.”

For more information on the Mother Earth futureFERNS programme head to