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Digital developments making a difference for Netball

Running competitions and tournaments is ‘bread and butter’ for any Netball Centre. However, creation and management of these weekly events can be a challenging task. So, when Netball New Zealand (NNZ) kicked off the Digital Pathway project in 2015, competition management was one of the first areas identified for development.

Working closely with New Zealand sports technology company, NNZ spent time with a number of Centres, to understand both their requirements from a competition management system and what would be wanted in the future.

Now, after two years of development, testing, and real life usage, the new solution is being released nationally. Named ‘SKED™’ after the international abbreviation for ‘schedule’, the cloud based software solution provides Centres with the ability to create and manage multiple competitions across multiple venues, and allocate officials, publish draws and results and much more.

The solution was developed in 2016 based upon feedback from a working group of experienced competition managers (draws convenors) and was then piloted by a number of NNZ affiliated Centres for the 2017 season with compelling results.

Mike Purchas, CEO of Sportsground, says he is extremely happy with the project and the new solution that’s been created as a result.

“We’ve been lucky to have a great group of Centres involved in this Pilot Programme. The design of SKED™ was shaped by their desire to find a better way to manage sports draws & results. The Centres have helped immensely with testing the system while relying on it for their busy 2017 winter competitions, providing feedback, and helping us identify future development.”

A key consideration in the development of SKED™ was ensuring that the solution is intuitive, easy to operate, and scalable, so no matter what the size of organisation or how ‘digital-savvy’ the members were, it worked for all.

NNZ Chief Executive Jennie Wyllie agreed the pilot of SKED™ had been a success.

“One of the key priorities for NNZ’s Whole of Netball Plan is the ongoing development of digital solutions that benefit all of members. Making operations easier allows staff and volunteers to get out from behind desks and back to where we need them, which is on court delivering Netball.”

SKED™ competition management is now available to all NNZ Netball Centres and has already been adopted by other sports codes for 2018. Further development of digital solutions for NNZ are planned for 2018 and beyond.